1. melisica:

(by Brooke DiDonato)
  2. alemoa-praiana:

Alemoa-praiana ☼
  3. streamy-dream:

Camera Tape on We Heart It.
  4. bobbycaputo:

    Alberto Sevesos’ Liquid Nudes

    Alberto Sevesos creates turbulent digital images of nude female figures. Colours swirl inside the elusive bodies that appear and disappear with a hint of nipple or goose bumps running down a torso. The movements within the nudes are so compelling it becomes difficult to bring yourself out to view the images as a whole. The viewer’s eye becomes lost in the gestures, especially as you try to make sense of the forms. In parts the figures seem as though they are glass, filled with swirling paints, but then they fade into nothingness where just beside is a definitive form.

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The Solution
© Ana Luísa Pinto
Edit: Tales of the Night Whisperer
  6. aerienette:

。.⋆:*☽~Goddess Bless~☾*:⋆.。
  7. marabc:

En el instante… (Foto by Stephen Alkire)
  8. celebes:

    Construyendo un paisaje con Photoshop

    (vía lauradebife)

  9. photohab:

Fashion Photography by David Bellemere
  10. tooweirdto-live-toorareto-die:

  11. tooweirdto-live-toorareto-die:

  12. tooweirdto-live-toorareto-die:

  13. mymodernmet:

    In the 1960s, Brooklyn-born photographer Arthur Tress turned towards an interest in the surreal and began creating bizarre works inspired by children’s dreams.

  14. silfarione:

by Metin Demiralay
  15. trnscndnt:

Alex Stoddard
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